About Dr. Coleman

About Victor J. Coleman Jr.

Born into a poverty-stricken life, Victor Coleman Jr. has fought through low self-esteem, depression, low scholastic performance, drug and gang affiliations, and the pain of his absent father.

Harnessing those painful experiences, Victor has employed those experiences to make an invaluable impact in the lives of others. Victor encourages others to take flight towards their ultimate destination - greatness. He allows his life to be an “open book” with complete transparency because he genuinely
believes, that through his story, others will find the tenacity to succeed beyond their current circumstances.

In 2010, Victor graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Entertainment Business. In 2013, Victor received his Masters Degree in Entertainment Business.

Victor challenged himself and realized that he needed to take his education one step further. In November of 2013, he successfully passed the comprehensive examination, officially making him a doctoral candidate. As of February 2019, Victor graduated with his Ph.D in business management, with a specialization in leadership.

Victor has spent many years motivating and inspiring a wide variety audiences ranging from at-risk youth to Corporate America, helping them to reach their full potential as individuals and as a team.

As a result of his dedicated efforts, Victor founded the V.J. Coleman Jr. Flight School in 2010; a coaching and mentoring organization that continues to encourage others to take flight toward their own spiritual, physical and mental destinations of success. His commitment to community activism has led to the
formation of the VJColeman Foundation, which has advocated for several communities with projects such as: Hydrate the Homeless and the One CommUnity Clean, a city-wide clean up initiative; all which have received notoriety from the Mayor of Toledo, Ohio and other community leaders. Victor currently works as the Manager of External Affairs at FirstEnergy and serves as a mentor to many youth and young adults.

When he's not standing before the audiences of corporate executives, sports teams, high school and college students, churches and nonprofit organizations, Victor spends much of his time in his role as a devoted husband and a committed father of three. Victor continues to impact the lives of his family and friends daily while aspiring to share his message with the world. His life experiences and expertise in leadership and mentoring enable him to reach and empower a wide population throughout the nation.

Join him in his efforts as you prepare to take flight…

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